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Gaining facility access


The workflow below described how to gain access the instrumentation and resources found within the BioFrontiers ALMC. In it, you will find that we get to know and understand your imaging and analysis needs, ensuring that you are trained on the correct microscope and that your data will be properly analyzed, while making you aware of the multitude of resources that are at your disposal.

  1. Contact the Facility
  2. Initial Meeting
    • You should receive an automated reply containing a link to our Microsoft Bookings page. Please use this page to schedule an initial meeting with Joe Dragavon.
    • In this meeting, Joe will discuss your research and imaging needs.
    • The appropriate microscope will be identified, and your Practical Training session arranged.

  3. Practical Training
    • We will go over proper instrument start-up and shutdown, overview the operational software, collect standard data sets on known samples, and practice with your samples.
    • Upon completion, you will be a Novice User, which restricts your access to working hours (M-F, 9am – 5pm). This is to allow you to familiarize yourself with the microscope, while ensuring that our staff are on-hand if you run into problems.

  4. Independent Session
    • At least 2 hours of independent use on the microscope using your samples are required before you can proceed to the next step.
    • The samples and data should be representative of your research needs, and will form the basis of the Image and Data Analysis meeting.

  5. Image and Data Analysis
    • Upon completion of your Independent Sessions, please use the Microsoft Bookings link you received in step 1 to schedule a meeting with Jian Tay. If you no longer have the email, please send an email to to request an Image and Data Analysis session.
    • The purpose of this meeting is to connect with Jian, who is our Image Analysis Specialist, to review your images, and to discuss your analysis needs.
    • Basic image analysis concepts can be reviewed.
    • Your data management and sharing plan will be discussed.
    • Additional supported sessions will be arranged if needed.

  6. Full Instrument Access
    • Upon completion of steps 1 – 5, you will be granted Autonomous status with unrestricted access to the microscope!

Data storage

Want to store your data? Contact BIT-Help (BioFrontiers Users) or Research Computing to learn about their cloud storage options!